Frequently Asked Questions (what we know so far and will update as we receive more information):

Q. “Why did we get a new carrier?”
A. Our 5 year contract with Waste Management expired so we had to put garbage/recycling services up for bid. It was advertised in the Observer Reporter and we received a few sealed bids which were opened at a Borough Meeting. We received 3 bids, with one of them being from Waste Management. The one that came at the lowest price received the contract.

Q. “What will happen with billing?”
A. Garbage billing will still be done quarterly through Jordan Tax Service, that will remain the same. Senior discounts are still available for those 65 and older and you need not reapply for that discount.

Q. “I never received a postcard, when is the pickup day?”
A. County Hauling mailed out postcards to all the residents of Canonsburg, however it seems that many people never got theirs. There will now be 3 pickup days depending on what area of Canonsburg you live in, it will be either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. To find out what day your pickup is, please email during normal business hours and we will let you know!

Q. “Will County Hauling be sending out a calendar showing recycling weeks and holidays?”
A. As per County Hauling, they do not send out calendars to residents, but I took the time to make one myself here at the Borough office, it can be found on our website

Q. “What are pickup restrictions?”
A. You can place only one large item per week (such as a dresser, couch, etc.) with your regular garbage.
Recyclable items: Plastics #1 and #2, cardboard, paper products (newspapers, magazines, printer paper) and metal (aluminum/tin cans). No glass allowed.
This is a country-wide recycling issue that doesn’t not begin and end with County Hauling. This is a problem that all garbage haulers are dealing with, even Waste Management. Please read this article:
“Waste Management this week announced that it will cease accepting certain plastics and all glass in communities from Allegheny County’s South Hills to Ohio.”

Q. “How much did the bill go up?”
A. Last year the rate was $44.46/quarter so it went up $1.06 per quarter, $4.24 a year.
It increases every year regardless of who the carrier is and would have also increased with Waste Management.
Quarterly Rates (calculated as best as possible):
2019: $45.52
2020: $45.64
2021: $46.37
2022: $47.16
2023: $47.94

**If you have any further questions, please call County Hauling at 724-929-7694, ext. 2, they will be able to assist you**

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