The following roads will be re-paved this year before the end of October. If your street is on the list keep an eye out for notification via flyers in your mailbox or door, and watch the street poles for “No Parking” signs. Detailed notifications will be given at least 48 hours before the construction date. We never like to tow so we will do everything in our power to give you timely notice.
The following is a list of streets/alleys to be re-paved:
1. Four Coins Drive
2. Deblasio Drive
3. Arlington Drive
4. Second Street
5. Morgan Street
6. Coleman Alley
7. Hill Alley
8. Iron Alley
9. Black Alley
10. Friendship Alley
11. Fir Alley
12. Gum Alley
13. Hickory Alley
14. Lotus Alley
15. Coal Alley
16. Bush Alley

***Keep in mind that borough officials conduct door to door street surveys every year. This is required so that funding can be secured for the following year’s street paving. We must have the cooperation of a large percentage of the residents to secure funding. when requested please participate in these surveys.***

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