Can I park in a lot that is marked “Permit Parking Only”?

Quarterly and Annual parking permits are available in both the Eagles Parking Lot (Central Avenue) and The Canonsburg UP Church Parking Lot (Pike Street).

For more information, please contact the  Canonsburg Parking Enforcement Department at 724-745-8020 x529.  (If an officer is not available at that time, please leave a voicemail and your call will be returned promptly.)

How do I pay to park in Canonsburg?

For your convenience, there are several options to pay for parking while visiting Canonsburg:

  1. Parking Kiosk:
         - Located in designated areas in each of our Borough parking lots
         - Accepts either quarters or debit/credit cards for payment
  2. Street Parking Meter:
         - Accepts quarters only as payment
  3. Flowbird:
         - Parking app accessible through the iTunes app store and Google play store
         - Provides a convenient, fast and safe option of paying through your phone

    For more information on Flowbird, visit the Flowbird app website.

What if I am only running into a local business for 5 minutes to pick up my lunch, etc?

All persons parking a vehicle in a monitored paid parking spot are expected to pay for their parking, regardless of time spent in that spot. 

A low minimum parking rate of $1.00/hour, well under the national average of $5.34/hr for rural communities, has been established for your convenience. In addition, the following locations provide free 5-minute drop-off/pick-up spaces :

  • Rite Aid Store/Pharmacy, located in the Central Business District, provides free parking for their customers clearly marked with signage to differentiate these spaces from the paid spots located within the same parking lot.
  • PNC Parking lot, located on Central Avenue next to Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop, provides a free parking space for ATM users. 
  • North Central Ave, located next to the AL Colaizzo Building
  • Pike Street, located in front of ARC Human Services/Chicco Baccello

What is the current rate for parking in Canonsburg?

Monitored paid parking lots:    $1.00/hour or $.25/15 minutes |  1 hour minimum for CC/Debit card users | 4 hour max

Street Meters:  $1.00/hour or $.25/15 minutes |  2 hour max

What is the violation for not paying to park in a designated paid parking area?

If you choose to park in a monitored paid parking spot and not pay for parking, the violation is $10 if you receive a ticket while parked.  All parking lots are video surveillance monitored to ensure compliance and for your safety.

What time is paid parking enforced in Canonsburg?

  • Both on-street parking meters and parking lots are enforced 6am - 6pm.
  • Parking is free from 6pm - 6am and on weekends. 
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